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I guess it’s now official: I've accepted a faculty position at University of Gießen @jlugiessen! I’m eternally grateful to everyone who has supported me on this journey! I will continue my lab @MPI_CBS in Leipzig for the next 2 years and will soon start building a team in Gießen!

Our own Anastasia Brovkin (@Sc1naps) sat down with Keynote Speaker @AndrewZalesky to talk about his path to network neuroscience, the Melbourne Subcortex Atlas, and more!

READ: bit.ly/3CoNBPQ

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Very excited to share that we received the Notice of Award for our first R01 on ‘Individualized brain biomarkers of late life depression: contributions to heterogeneity and resilience’. We will use computational models to study heterogeneity, risk, and resilience in depression.

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The Mayavi Python software, and my personal history: A thread on Python and scipy ecosystems, building open source codebase, and meeting really cool and friendly people

🧵 1/11

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Exciting new layer-fMRI sequence paper by @NadineGraedel.
Radial-Cartesian TURBINE sampling can provide very nice high-resolution data; here 0.67mm iso.

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Join the @ISTAART Alzheimer's Association for our upcoming webinar, “Statistical analysis methods for neuroimaging” with @AndersonWinkler, @HaochangS, Thursday, June 30 @ 11:30 am US ET. Register: training.alz.org/Research-Webi

Available online ~ 2weeks after the event

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We released a cool new feature and would love to hear your feedback: Neurodesk is now available without installing anything locally and simply runs in the browser - a powerful neuroimaging environment for reproducible neuroimaging at your fingertips: play.neurodesk.org/v2/gh/neuro

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Want to state exactly when two EEG signals/conditions differ significantly? I'm exited to present poster WTh519 at today and tomorrow. With @jarostat . NeuroImage (2022):doi.org/10.1016/j.neuroimage.2

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After the inspiring @Nature paper by @smarek0502, @tervoclemmensb, @ndosenbach, @DrDamienFair, @ten_photos, @bttyeo, @handjaras and I have analyzed simulated and HCP data. We argue that reproducible BWAS do not necessarily require 1000s of individuals: psyarxiv.com/c8xwe a🧵

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New paper out: "Phenotypic and genetic associations of quantitative magnetic susceptibility in UK Biobank brain imaging".


By Chaoyue Wang, with @fmrib_steve, @MostlyStatic, @b_tendler, @fmrib_karla et al.

@NatureNeuro - @uk_biobank - @OxfordWIN

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Submitted my DPhil thesis today investigating the role of inhibition on human motor learning, supervised by the wonderful @cjstagg and @OxfordPERL @OxfordWIN @NDCNOxford @MRCBNDU. Looking forward to the exciting projects to come!

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When do adolescents reach adult levels of executive function?

We used FOUR independent datasets (N>10,000), behavioral data from 17 distinct EF tasks, and nonlinear modeling techniques to address this and related questions. 🧵


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Mathematics is the only field of human knowledge in which you have thousands of billions of clues for a prediction and it's still not enough to accept it as a valid theory.

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We @FINNLab_neuro @DartmouthPBS are hiring a postdoc to study individual differences in social perception! Creativity, enthusiasm, + experience in computational visual and/or social neuroscience highly desirable. More info below. Informal inquiries welcome. Please RT!

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New opportunities for Brazilian postdoctoral fellows at the Weizmann Institute. Brazil <> Israel @Institutodor @WeizmannScience

Check out the absolutely amazing list of confirmed speakers: events.hifis.net/event/425/pag

Registration is now open and required to participate !!

Please help spreading the word @OHBM @HumanBrainProj @neuromatch
@CogCompNeuro @KordingLab @BernsteinNeuro @micahgallen @fz_juelich

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FSLeyes 1.4.1 has been released, with improved 3D rendering, and support for TrackVis and @MRtrix3 streamline files! Install/upgrade info at fsl.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/fsl/fslwiki


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