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Thrilled to announce that I've been awarded one of the highly competitive Ramon y Cajal fellowships, a 5-year tenure track contract in a Spanish research institution. Number 3 of 7 fellowships given to . Best news ever in my first day in ! 🥳

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Worried (like everyone else) about brain-behaviour correlations? Peep our brief commentary on the Marek et al. study, led by J Tiego. Where much focus has been on improving imaging measures, we discuss ways in which behavioural measures may be improved:

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Join the @ISTAART Alzheimer's Association for our upcoming webinar, “Statistical analysis methods for neuroimaging” with @AndersonWinkler, @HaochangS, Thursday, June 30 @ 11:30 am US ET. Register:

Available online ~ 2weeks after the event

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We released a cool new feature and would love to hear your feedback: Neurodesk is now available without installing anything locally and simply runs in the browser - a powerful neuroimaging environment for reproducible neuroimaging at your fingertips:

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Want to state exactly when two EEG signals/conditions differ significantly? I'm exited to present poster WTh519 at today and tomorrow. With @jarostat . NeuroImage (2022)

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After the inspiring @Nature paper by @smarek0502, @tervoclemmensb, @ndosenbach, @DrDamienFair, @ten_photos, @bttyeo, @handjaras and I have analyzed simulated and HCP data. We argue that reproducible BWAS do not necessarily require 1000s of individuals: a🧵

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Great to collaborate in this preregistered project! Thanks ⁦@bas_janna⁩ for pulling it! Structural Brain Correlates of Childhood Inhibited Temperament: An ENIGMA-Anxiety Mega-analysis - Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

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“I am an egalitarian. I think of inequality as a moral and political problem to be fixed.”

Thanks @bigthink for the opportunity to talk about some of the ideas and themes of my book.

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NiMARE’s interactive Jupyter notebook has now been published as a preprint @NeuroLibre! Amazing work, big congrats to @taylor_salo and team!! 🎉🎉🥳🥳

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Warning to scientists: Elsevier is selling your unedited submitted manuscripts! A thread. 1/7 @ELSpsychology @costofknowledge @EikoFried @talyarkoni @nicebread303 @ElsevierNews @robinnkok @EronenIlkka @professorjansen @Jopdevrieze @mzelst @KarelBerkhout

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‼️Check out this exciting new publication by @ElizabethRKitt which explores the relationship between family accommodation, avoidance and 💜 self-efficacy 💜 in our SDAN pediatric anxiety sample @NIMHgov @dylanggee

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New paper out: "Phenotypic and genetic associations of quantitative magnetic susceptibility in UK Biobank brain imaging".

By Chaoyue Wang, with @fmrib_steve, @MostlyStatic, @b_tendler, @fmrib_karla et al.

@NatureNeuro - @uk_biobank - @OxfordWIN

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The Functional MRI Facility at the NIH, having two 7T scanners, three 3T scanners, supporting research of 30+ labs across institutes, is starting a search for a staff scientist who will join us to help keep it thriving and cutting edge.

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Submitted my DPhil thesis today investigating the role of inhibition on human motor learning, supervised by the wonderful @cjstagg and @OxfordPERL @OxfordWIN @NDCNOxford @MRCBNDU. Looking forward to the exciting projects to come!

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Our mathematical perspective on edge-centric FC is published and much expanded! With @adeelrazi:

Thanks for the feedback and discussions @jlizier @AndrewZalesky @dan_marinazzo @jmacshine @bendfulcher @DrBreaky @spornslab @faskowitz @richardfbetzel💡


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When do adolescents reach adult levels of executive function?

We used FOUR independent datasets (N>10,000), behavioral data from 17 distinct EF tasks, and nonlinear modeling techniques to address this and related questions. 🧵

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1/5 Our new preprint uses meta-learning to boost functional connectivity based prediction of *NEW* phenotypes in small samples. We achieve 100%-400% improvements in many scenarios!

@hetong93 @AvramHolmes @anlijuncn @danilobzdok @AvramHolmes @INM7_ISN

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Unpopular opinion: I love my job.

I love psychiatry, I love neuroscience, I love academia, my patients (but not their insurance company), my students, MATLAB, and maybe even Reviewer 2.

Just wanted to balance the seemingly-opposing viewpoints that seem to be all over Twitter.

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Mathematics is the only field of human knowledge in which you have thousands of billions of clues for a prediction and it's still not enough to accept it as a valid theory.

I had wondered the same, how to make tweets appear in simple chronological order, not rearranged to drive engagement. Here’s how:
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Very important to fix your Twitter feed:

1. Tap home button.
2. Tap stars on upper right of screen.
3. Select “Latest tweets”.

You are being manipulated by the algorithm in ways you don’t realize.

Easy to switch back & forth to see the difference.

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